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To you This is just a game of chess. L Maughan Apr Shell Chess. William Williamson Nov After reading, I realized it might be better to say "if you play to enjoy, you'll never lose" but I don't edit after saving. I had a revelation while playing a game of chess, waiting for my class to start and had to jot it down somewhere, thank you for reading. C A major piece. D Your soul. Playing against someone you knew was unbooked. C Playing a non-tournament game.

D You've had a mind-crippling stroke. C Drool while laughing gruffly under your breath. D Laugh out loud while raising your hand and pointing your finger directly at your opponent's nose You are a pacifist in the war game of chess.

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Negotiating a draw is your biggest thrill. Should you accidentally win, you feel obligated to buy your opponent lunch.

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You'll pick up wins if they fall in your lap. You'll do the "aggression thing" when backed into a corner, or when your wife tells you its time to leave and finish up your stupid game.

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You don't play defenses, just offenses minus a tempo. You are the "Main Man". A danger to yourself and others.

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At home you kill small animals or low-rated chess players for amusement. All of your opponents are beaten within 20 moves, or they get beaten up side the head. Their choice!

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