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Level III Violation include, but are not limited to:. Any combination totaling three, either in the number of offenses, or in the level of offenses, results in the maximum penalty.

Academic Integrity

Administrator logs offense in discipline file, and suspends student for a minimum of three days. Skip to Main Content. District Home. Select a School Select a School. Sign In. Search Our Site. Home Our School " News and Info. Capuchino High School. Administrator logs first offense in discipline file and warns student about cheating policy 5. Academic Integrity Contract may be signed 6. Detentions may be assigned "," 1.

Teacher notifies parent via choice of email, phone call, or mail 3. Teacher notifies administrator vial referral 4. Administrator logs offense in discipline file and assigns possible detention or suspension 5. Academic Integrity Contract is signed 7. Possible loss of school privileges sports, dances, activities 8.

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Student becomes ineligible for California Scholarship Federation or other awards "," 1. Student receives zero for the assignment, if applicable 2. Administrator logs offense in discipline file, and suspends student for a minimum of three days 5. To ensure the proper use of sources while at the same time recognizing and preserving the importance of the academic dialogue, the Faculty of Arts and Sciences adopted the following policy:.

Students should always take great care to distinguish their own ideas and knowledge from information derived from sources.

High School

Quotations must be placed properly within quotation marks and must be cited fully. In addition, all paraphrased material must be acknowledged completely.

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  • Students must also comply with the policy on collaboration established for each course, as set forth in the course syllabus or on the course website. Policies vary among the many fields and disciplines in the College, and may even vary for particular assignments within a course.

    18 Academic Integrity Part 2.2

    Unless otherwise stated on the syllabus or website, when collaboration is permitted within a course students must acknowledge any collaboration and its extent in all submitted work; however, students need not acknowledge discussion with others of general approaches to the assignment or assistance with proofreading. If the syllabus or website does not include a policy on collaboration, students may assume that collaboration in the completion of assignments is permitted. Collaboration in the completion of examinations is always prohibited.

    Academic Integrity and Academic Dishonesty | Harvard College Handbook for Students

    The responsibility for learning the proper forms of citation lies with the individual student. Students are expected to be familiar with the Harvard Guide to Using Sources. Students who, for whatever reason, submit work either not their own or without clear attribution to its sources will be subject to disciplinary action, up to and including requirement to withdraw from the College.

    Academic Integrity Policy