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by Blish, James

Warren says Pentagon pick Esper must 'clear any ethics cloud'

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Air Force Academy, Colo. While there he flew combat missions in UCs. Air Force, Washington, D. Completing the Air War College in June , the general returned to the Air Force Academy as deputy commandant for the cadet wing and, then, served as deputy commandant for military instruction. He assumed his present duties in June The general is a command pilot with more than 6, flying hours. He also wears the Parachutist Badge and Missile Badge. He was promoted to major general Sept. Current as of April Engage Facebook Twitter. Air Force usairforce Sep. RT DeptofDefense : Defenders, assemble!

The Department of Defense is, of course, funded by US taxpayers. War is a Racket Maj. You guys are really reaching for this one. Yes, Boeing is the 2 defense contractor but only because it merged with McDonnell Douglas. Look Shanahan up on Wikipedia. That means he had zero military dealings for the first 18 years of his time in Boeing when Boeing produces a military aircraft from a commercial jetliner, the Commercial Airplane Company produces the commercial jetliner and then hands it off to another organization, not in the Commercial Airplane Company, who then installs the modified parts and specific equipment used by the military.

The USA is a global empire, and the Pentagon is its muscle, enforcing the will of the owners of the government.

Jack of Eagles

Additionally, the Pentagon is there to ensure that a healthy flow of public funds go to weapons manufacturers and other defense contractors. One of these key industries is the defense industry, which is in a perverse symbiosis with another key industry — fossil fuel energy. The US government does not in any way serve the public, except by appearance when necessary to perpetuate the system of transfer payments from the public to the owners of the key industries. In economic terms, the Pentagon effectuates the transfer of wealth from the public to the owners of the arms companies.

When public officials try to disrupt this arrangement, they get removed from office. Look at how Russia has been able to develop weapon systems that make billions of dollars worth of our weapons completely useless while spending a small fraction of our bloated military budget.

Incredible waste with questionable outcomes. Imagine the good we could do in the world with the money and human resources wasted in these two areas alone! Skip no truer words could be spoken. Profit is the most motivating factor towards a never ending war economy. Imagine if our leaders placed so much importance on healthcare, or environmental needs as, they do on war. Imagine the USA strengthening disarmament conditions as opposed to our pulling out of well needed nuclear arms agreements.

What a insane Country, Anerica is?

دانلود کتاب جک عقاب (همچنین به نام: ESPer شناخته می شود)

Unfortunately Trump has a dual personality or perhaps multiple personalities. He exemplifies the multiple personalities of presidents which preceded him. Johnson ran on an ad depicting his opponent Barry Goldwater as a madman willing to nuke Vietnam with an unparalleled warning that the vote was too important to sit it out. He won and immediately began the escalation in Vietnam culminating with the Tonkin Gulf Incident and the subsequent Tonkin Gulf Resolution which gave the American president the power to wage war without calling it a war and with the ability to bypass Congress.

The resolution was almost unanimously ratified by Congress and Johnson would go on to escalate the war in Vietnam followed by Nixon who also pledged during his campaign that he had a secret plan to extricate the US out of Vietnam but did the opposite by increasing military offensive actions there by orders of magnitude over the military campaigns endorsed by Johnson. Eisenhower was another president who promised post WWII peace while significantly elevating the tensions and arms race between Communist USSR by plowing billions into the armaments industry building nuclear bombs, nuclear bombers, nuclear missiles etc.

There is a long history of presidents who have promised peace through superior firepower and have often used it to wage war. Teddy Roosevelt with his gunboat diplomacy waged war, George Bush and Junior waged war. Clinton waged war in Kosovo. Reagan waged war in Central America in many countries. Obama waged war in Libya, Iraq and Syria despite his multiple personality disorder delivered in his campaign speeches that he would withdraw from Iraq and Afghanistan. There is a long history of pledges by presidents to disarm conflicts only to find they increased military actions despite their promises.

While Trump publicly states that his objectives are to withdraw from Syria and Afghanistan he appoints leaders who advise the opposite strategy like Mike Pompeo and Patrick Shanahan. Many US presidents have run on peace platforms only to end up supporting ever more international conflicts often based on flimsy evidence.

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  5. The Tonkin Gulf Incident is widely regarded as fiction. There were never any WMDs found in Iraq. Perhaps President Calvin Coolidge, in a January speech to newspaper editors.