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Looped and Knotted

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He is voiced by Kevin Duhaney. Theo is super smart and cautious.

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Deep down, he would have liked to like Luc. However, unlike his friend, Theo analyzed all possible options before making a decision. He always has an answer and a scientific explanation of what happens both in the Loop.

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He is a African American boy with thin body and has short curly brown hair and he wears glasses. He also wears a green shirt, beige jeans and red shoes. He is slightly taller than Luc. Compared to most of the other characters, he has darker skin.

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  4. Theo is a pessimistic, phlegmatic boy who is also very intelligent and nerdy. He is not always on board with Luc's ideas because he doesn't just rush through things. He knows the logical explanation for pretty much everything that goes on in the loop and knows everything about the day they're trapped in backwards and forwards.

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    Luc and Theo are best friends and the only two with knowledge of the loop. They have fun, get into trouble, and take advantage of the loop together. Theo is the voice of reason to Luc, though it usually takes a while before he realizes when he's taking it too far.

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    Theo loves Gwyn with all his heart, but she does not return the favor. I examined the great screw and the looped nut that ran on it. As quick as thought he whipped out his handkerchief and looped it on to the string. The rope had looped him about the body and pinioned his arms at the same time. It looped and turned, hunting, feeling with its every detector for that other ship. The threads may be looped, plaited, or twisted in one of three ways.