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Numerical Methods for Experimental Mechanics

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Journal Rankings on Computational Mechanics

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Aerodynamic Methods (Theoretical vs Experimental vs Numerical)

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  6. Discover is no minor ebook numerical methods for experimental mechanics on any pain. In addition, we try to give insight into advanced modelling and simulation techniques for the analysis of processes, materials and structures. The course programme is completed by an introduction to Experimental Mechanics with a particular focus on optical measuring systems. Various courses are taught for different degree programmes, e.

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    Beyond the solution of fundamental problems of Engineering Sciences, students learn to critically assess their results and they familiarise with technical terms of Engineering Mechanics in the Undergraduate Courses :. Graduate courses of various programmes, e. In particular, theory of materials, the formulation of coupled boundary value problems, and the modelling on different scales are addressed. Emphasis is also put on theory and applications of numerical methods, which prove to be indispensible for research and industrial developed.