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Virtual hosting is also covered to allow one to perform email services for multiple domains. The following configuration is for recieving inbound email. The tool linuxconf is no longer included with current versions of Red Hat Linux 7. Sendmail receives mail for local system user login accounts. This file contains all of the alternate host names of the server.

[SOLVED] How to setup sendmail in RedHat Linux? - Spiceworks

The changes are picked up automatically. The default configuration is fairly secure and usable.


For Red Hat 6 and earlier systems, you are ready to mail. For Red Hat 7 systems, there is one more step. See changes below required to receive mail. Note: A user defined in the aliases file is valid for all domains hosted by the system, unless you have configured virtual hosting. For alternate configurations change the file: sendmail.

The config file sendmail.

Introduction to Bash Scripting 16 - Sending Email (Part 3)

Pre-configured ". Red Hat 7. Pre-configured ".

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Red Hat 7. The default configuration for Red Hat 7. Useful against DoS attacks or barrages of spam: Available with Sendmail version 8.

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Define rule in sendmail. Also see: Sendmail.

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See Sendmail. Files used by sendmail for a mail server. Also see the sendmail manpage. Home Tutorials.

Service Name

Also see: The YoLinux. Basic Sendmail configuration:. Change a setting in sendmail. See list. Reject redirected email addressed to user domain.