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All users please read here. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Sukhoi Shkval Tailsitter fighter. Thread starter hesham Start date Feb 14, Joined May 26, Messages 23, Reaction score Hi, Sukhoi SH kval 1A tailsitter fighter project of Sukhoi tailsitter aircraft. Joined Dec 27, Messages 11, Reaction score New Topic for this. Good find my dear Overscan. Joined Jan 26, Messages 1, Reaction score Several questions spring to mind. Without overt fraud, those are very hard targets to hit.

But Parubiy persisted. And she met with Trump and she brought him one Russian girl, celebrity Olga Buzova. Schiff betrayed no emotion.

Soviet Secret Projects. Fighters Since 1945.

Parubiy had more to say. Good, this is very helpful. He told Parubiy that the U. There was no kompromat , no meetings between Flynn and a Russian pop star in Brighton Beach. The call made the Americans look gullible, which suited the callers. Kuznetsov and Stolyarov immediately sent the recording to Kremlin-friendly media, which gleefully made hay of it: another dumb American, ready to believe the most-ludicrous stories about a Russia run by sneaky, evil spies.

Any Russian listening to the tape would have instantly recognized how silly the conversation was. There were the B-list Russian celebrities, plus other cultural signals, like the code phrase Flynn allegedly used, which is actually the title of a classic Russian comedy. Kuznetsov and Stolyarov come off as the Jerky Boys of Russia, but they are more than that. When the duo met, in , they started pranking Russian celebrities, but quickly tired of it. He and Stolyarov have repeatedly denied any connection to the Russian secret services, but they clearly have cozy ties to the government.

They have had shows on several Kremlin-controlled TV channels, which requires high-level approval. When I met them, they casually mentioned that they had been at the Russian Parliament the day before, meeting with a well-known elected official. Kuznetsov and Stolyarov have an extensive list of American victims.

In February, posing as the Ukrainian prime minister, they prank-called Senator John McCain, who confessed that the Trump era was the hardest time of his long political life. That same month, they prank-called Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, who told them that new sanctions against Russia were unlikely. They and the future hackers trained by Minin are all small pieces of a shifting, multipronged covert-influence campaign against Western politicians, systems, and values—a campaign built more on the premise of trial and error than on grand strategy.

Just a few are enough. John Sipher, the former CIA operative, agrees. Putin, ever the gambler, will continue to seize opportunities as they arise, and bend them to his immediate advantage. Without meaningful new deterrence, he will continue lashing out as both he and his country age and decline. Some Americans, including the current president, believe that if only we could identify where our interests align, Russia could be a good partner.

But those who have dealt with Putin for decades understand that this is, at best, a fantasy. Putin is not a supervillain. He is not invincible, or unstoppable. He pushes only until the moment he meets resistance. His plans to lop off the eastern third of Ukraine, for instance, broke apart against the surprisingly fierce resistance of the Ukrainian army, and Western sanctions. Obama sanctioned the Russian government for its election interference during his last days in office, closing those Russian compounds and expelling some diplomats, but it was a belated, feeble response.

More-forceful options—revealing intelligence that would embarrass Putin, or introducing truly crippling new sanctions—Obama decided not to use. The current presidential administration, meanwhile, is uninterested in punishing Russia. American counterintelligence forces sit idle, waiting for a directive to do battle with the Russians that insiders suspect will never come. Putin set out to show that there is nothing special about America, that it is just another country.

Whether he is right depends in no small part on whether enough Americans—especially powerful or politically connected Americans—still believe their system is worth defending. T here is one dot on the horizon that particularly worries the Kremlin. The constitution limits Putin to two consecutive terms, and he will be 71 years old.

The parliament could change the constitution to allow Putin to serve yet another term. Putin, who trained as a lawyer before he was a KGB agent, has insisted on maintaining a simulacrum of legality. And anyway, he, a mortal man, can serve only so many terms. So what is Putin to do? Will he hand off his throne to a successor? There are ever fewer candidates. In recent years, he has replaced regional governors with young loyalists and even former bodyguards—most of whom have no significant governing experience but owe everything to him.

More and more, he appears to be a man without an exit strategy. If there is no Putin, there is no Russia. As the economic pie gets smaller, the elites are cannibalizing one another in the struggle over whatever resources remain, and can be squeezed out of the population. A minister is under house arrest. They are the losers in an increasingly savage fight.

Ironically, Putin has laid the groundwork for exactly the kind of chaotic collapse that he has spent his political life trying to avoid, the kind of collapse that gave rise to his reign. He has made himself a hostage to a system he built with his own hands. But of course, the longer Putin spends using the stick shift, the less likely the gears will catch on their own, without his strong hand to guide them into place. Putin has been kicking the can down the road for a long time, and this has generally worked for him.

He is still popular and still in good shape, as his shows of bare-chested masculinity are meant to remind us. But there is less road left every day, and one day, it will run out.

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Everyone in Moscow knows that day is coming, but no one knows what happens the day after. He believes that Putin was chosen by God to lead Russia. Meet pint-size future grand masters at the Elementary Chess Championships. A year ago, the year-old Swedish climate activist began striking from school each Friday to protest climate inaction; last Friday, she gave a speech to hundreds of thousands of people in New York, at the Global Climate Strike, which was inspired by her protest.

It is always at least a little unfortunate to see a young person become an icon—it robs them of the privacy of growing up. But Thunberg is an especially flummoxing figure. She looks younger than her years, yet her speeches take a shaming, authoritative tone that is, at the very least, unusual for a child.

Secret Japanese Aircraft of WW2

Usually the drama of an investigation lies in finding out what happened, but the drama of this investigation lies in what happens next. By the end of last week, rumors were swirling about what President Donald Trump might or might not have done to elicit a whistle-blower complaint about his conversations with a foreign leader. The president was refusing to answer questions. It was largely corruption—all of the corruption taking place.

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Neither Ukraine nor Trump has produced any evidence to support that claim about the Bidens. Trump once again implicitly admitted pressuring Ukraine during remarks at the United Nations Monday. The president of the United States reportedly sought the help of a foreign government against an American citizen who might challenge him for his office. This is the single most important revelation in a scoop by The Wall Street Journal , and if it is true, then President Donald Trump should be impeached and removed from office immediately.

Until now, there was room for reasonable disagreement over impeachment as both a matter of politics and a matter of tactics. The Mueller report revealed despicably unpatriotic behavior by Trump and his minions, but it did not trigger a political judgment with a majority of Americans that it warranted impeachment. The Democrats, for their part, remained unwilling to risk their new majority in Congress on a move destined to fail in a Republican-controlled Senate. Denying a teen a smartphone in is a tough decision, and one that requires an organized and impenetrable defense.

My year-old son just started high school, and he does not have his own smartphone. My son is fine, though—really. My son and his brother, one year his junior, are not living in the Dark Ages. They each have a tablet, loaded with a souped-up internet filter and time restrictions, that they use at home. My kids readily quote Ron Swanson and Dwight Schrute.

They text, they Snap—but only on weekends and a little bit this past summer. What sets them apart from most of their friends is that neither of them owns a portable device connected to the internet that can be hidden in the depths of their baggy Under Armour shorts. To be a parent is to be compromised. The organized pathologies of adults, including yours—sometimes known as politics—find a way to infect the world of children.

Only they can save themselves. Our son underwent his first school interview soon after turning 2. An admissions officer at a private school with brand-new, beautifully and sustainably constructed art and dance studios gave him a piece of paper and crayons. While she questioned my wife and me about our work, our son drew a yellow circle over a green squiggle. Pro football can look past allegations of predatory behavior toward women, but making the NFL look bad is a different story. Hours before week three of the NFL season got under way, the recently unemployed wide receiver Antonio Brown took to Twitter, unloading a series of self-destructive tweets that may finally dissuade teams from taking him on.

Do you know someone who needs hours alone every day? Who loves quiet conversations about feelings or ideas, and can give a dynamite presentation to a big audience, but seems awkward in groups and maladroit at small talk? Who has to be dragged to parties and then needs the rest of the day to recuperate? Who growls or scowls or grunts or winces when accosted with pleasantries by people who are just trying to be nice? If so, do you tell this person he is "too serious," or ask if he is okay? Regard him as aloof, arrogant, rude? Redouble your efforts to draw him out?

If you answered yes to these questions, chances are that you have an introvert on your hands—and that you aren't caring for him properly. Science has learned a good deal in recent years about the habits and requirements of introverts. It has even learned, by means of brain scans, that introverts process information differently from other people I am not making this up.

If you are behind the curve on this important matter, be reassured that you are not alone. Introverts may be common, but they are also among the most misunderstood and aggrieved groups in America, possibly the world. The latter was a design choice, because no bags would be allowed in the stadium. Not so long ago, a devastating attack on Saudi oil supplies would almost certainly have elicited an American military response. The drone and missile salvo has the hallmarks of Tehran, and with top administration officials pointing to Iranian culpability, the world is watching to see if and how the United States responds.

Ensuring the continued flow of energy from the Middle East was widely seen as crucial, one of the vital American interests that nearly all policy makers believed worth defending. Fracking and reduced U. I am an out gay man in my late 20s. Last weekend, while scrolling through Grindr, I came across my therapist's profile. While I understand that my therapist, also an out gay man, is an adult with his own life outside of his office, I was deeply unnerved by learning so much explicit information about a person whom I try not to think of in a sexual context.

My sudden exposure to this intimate knowledge feels acutely unsettling given that a lot of our work together focuses on my anxieties and vulnerabilities regarding sex and relationships. Physical-education programs were designed to encourage health and fitness, but they may be counterproductive. What Putin Really Wants Russia's strongman president has many Americans convinced of his manipulative genius.

Share Tweet. Emily Buder Sep 23, Its ceiling was 15, metres 49, ft. It is the only rocket-powered fighter aircraft ever to have been operational. Its design was revolutionary, and the Me was capable of performance unrivaled at the time. Over aircraft were built;[2] however, the Komet proved ineffective as a fighter, having been responsible for the destruction of only about nine Allied aircraft[2] 16 air victories for 10 losses, according to other sources.

Design work started before World War II began, but engine problems prevented the aircraft from attaining operational status with the Luftwaffe until mid Image sources: ww2photo. A single kilowatt 1, horsepower Bramo radial engine powered two three-bladed Its greatest success was the A4, more commonly known as the V The German word Aggregat refers to a group of machines working together.

The A12 design was a true orbital rocket.

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It was proposed as a four-stage vehicle, comprising A12, A11, A10 and A9 stages. Calculations suggested it could place as much as 10 tonnes payload in low Earth orbit. During the missile's development in the late stages of the war, it was plagued by organisational problems and was cancelled before becoming operational.

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The first of the so-called Vergeltungswaffen series designed for terror bombing of London, the V-1 was fired from launch sites along the French Pas-de-Calais and Dutch coasts. At its peak, more than one hundred V-1s a day were fired at south-east England, 9, in total, decreasing in number as sites were overrun until October , when the last V-1 site in range of Britain was overrun by Allied forces.

Image source: Life Magazine. July 23, Unlike earlier self-propelled anti-aircraft guns, it had a fully enclosed, rotating turret. It is the heaviest fully enclosed armoured fighting vehicle ever built. The fully assembled guns weighed nearly 1, tonnes, and could fire shells weighing seven tonnes to a range of 47 kilometres 29 mi. Image source: Third Reich Color Pictures.