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Research Reports Brief. Individual Taxes. Leonard E.

Pension reform: Proposal to keep pension fund solvent

Burman , William G. Gale , Aaron Krupkin. September 5, Research report. Business Taxes. Campaigns, Proposals, and Reforms. February 27, Federal Budget and Economy. If Not Now, When? New Estimates of the Federal Budget Outlook.

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Alan J. Auerbach , William G. February 12, Journal Article. July 30, Mazur , Eric Toder. June 13, April 23, January 31, Gale , Surachai Khitatrakun , Aaron Krupkin. December 8, Gale , Aaron Krupkin , Shanthi Ramnath. October 25, August 15, August 7, August 2, State and Local Issues. Tax Policy Outside of the Emerald City.

Gale , Aaron Krupkin , Kim S. July 12, Donald Trump has a tax plan fit for characters. Gale , Hilary Gelfond , Aaron Krupkin. May 1, April 20, January 29, Interest Rates and the Federal Budget Outlook. December 11, Value-Added Taxes and Small Business. March 1, The Wisdom of a Carbon Tax. Financial Transaction Taxes in Theory and Practice. Nunns , Steven M. February 26, Once More Unto the Breach.

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Gale , Alan J. February 24, Financial Transactions Taxes. January 20, June 13, —.

The Evolving Pension System : Trends, Effects, and Proposals for Reform

Martin Feldstein, who died earlier this week, was an intellectual giant who transformed modern public finance and tax policy analysis. He also was a kind, Estimating the Impact of Fiscal Therapy Proposals. April 25, —. April 12, —. As April 15 approaches, it is fashionable to complain about how complicated the tax system is. And it is. Submit your email address below to get alerts when the price of this product changes.

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Ask a question: 0 Answers. Then, most pensions were packaged as defined benefit plans--the employer guaranteed a certain level of income to the employee on retirement. But from the s on, in par Last seen price R Log in to your account to manage your alerts. Add a lower price to be notified. Example threshold: Then, most pensions were packaged as defined benefit plans Product Details Questions 0 Features Author. John B. Shoven , Mark J. Warshawsky , William G. For the most part, however, pension coverage has remained stagnant since the early s, many low-wage workers have no pensions, and many small employers do not provide such retirement options.

The Evolving Pension System , divided into three parts, examines the foundations and the future of America?

The Evolving Pension System: Trends, Effects, and Proposals for Reform

It provides a broad overview of the underlying characteristics and economic effects of existing pension policy, as well as alternative views on how public policy toward pensions should evolve in the future. Part one examines the goals, features, and the effects of legislation affecting pensions, including the dramatic shift from defined benefit to defined contribution plans.

Part two discusses how pensions affect the economic picture, and part three offers some prescriptions for broad-based pension reform. Review this product. Do you have any questions about this product?

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