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They look at the world as being faultless. The Gnani knows that everything that happens in the world is a discharge of what was charged earlier. He knows that the world is not to be blamed. With the grace of Gnani Purush, these mistakes are destroyed.

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When a person does not have Self-Realization Spiritual Enlightenment , he always sees faults in others and can never see his own mistake. When you acquire Self-Realization Spiritual Enlightenment , you are no longer partial towards your mind, speech or body. And it is this very impartiality that allows you to see your own faults and allow you to remain at peace with yourself.

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The Flawless Vision Even the insults that you encounter or your dispute with your boss is simply the discharge of past karma destiny ; your boss is only an 'instrument'. Be the first to review this product. Add to wishlist. Description After you attain this Gnan knowledge of the self-realization , you will be able to see and analyse everything that happens within you.

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Flawless Vision Turkish Delight

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