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Performers for our very last Stargate Celebrity Cabaret will be announced soon. What began as a chance meeting at the Stargate Convention, turned into a friendship, rooted in Stargate, that then blossomed into much more. She said yes! A year later, they are getting married on that same stage at the final Creation Entertainment Stargate convention. Friends, family, and fans alike are invited to join in the ceremony and festivities on Saturday September 24, Just be "GOLD" and bring your entry to the party and that's all it takes to enter!

Celebrity drop-bys for the party will be announced soon! Stargate Novels has been keeping the gate open for new adventures since and now has 56 titles in print and more to come! Join us to ask questions, chat with our authors, and find out what we have in store for and beyond…. She can be found online at amygriswold.

Most recently, she has collaborated with Jo Graham on the Order of the Air, a series of occult adventure novels set in the s; the fifth book, Oath Bound, was published at the end of She can be found on LiveJournal at mescott. Susannah Parker Sinard is a new author with Fandamonium.

Stargate Atlantis #17: The Lost - Book Two of the Legacy Series

A graduate of the University of Michigan, she holds a B. Entries are judged on the following criteria: video quality, audio quality, editing quality, inventiveness, song selection, and originality.

Stargate Atlantis: The Lost: SGA-17, Book Two in the Legacy Series (Stargate Atlantis: Legacy)

Humorous submissions are encouraged. Winners will be announced and certificates awarded on site. Send your video using order confirmation or signature required in order to know if it arrived. We do not announce winners until the event.

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All entries are due at Creation offices 40 days prior to the convention with no exceptions. Thanks and good luck! Note: Due to the high volume of entries for our Music Video Contests, we are forced to limit entries to those people actually attending the specific show they are entering for. You do not have to be present for the actual showing of your video, but you must claim your award on site before the end of the weekend or your award will be forfeited. Please note that fans should not use footage from other than the shows we are honoring even if it features the stars of the current show the convention is about.

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If you are not attending all days of the convention it is wise to wait until specific days of appearance are announced before purchasing autographs or photo ops. You must have an admission ticket to the convention to get autographs or photo ops. Photo Op Tickets do not include admission to the convention. You must have an admission ticket for the convention to enter into the photo op areas.

Due to security considerations and guest concerns we cannot facilitate the giving of gifts to guests at the photo op sessions. Because of logistics and timing and at the request of our guests and photographers we can not accommodate over FOUR fans in any one photo op. Your photo will be taken by Creation's all knowing and super-powerful official staff photographers. Photo ops may not be used in whole or part, disseminated or distributed for profit or otherwise in any way. The hotel has been recently renovated. Book online: www. Photos of hotel:.

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Personal photo-taking is not allowed in the photo op room at any time. We try our best to catch light glare on glasses, but it is extremely difficult to detect during the session. Be advised that we cannot be responsible for glare if you choose to leave your glasses on in your photo. Each photo op ticket can include up to two fans and you are allowed to have up to four fans two tickets required in one photo.

We cannot accommodate more than four fans in any one photo. If you are accompanying a fan, but will not be in the photo, you must wait outside of the photo ops room unless you are with a minor or assisting someone with special needs, then you may wait on the other side of the room. You must bring something to have signed, either from home or an item purchased on site. Photo-taking of the celebrity guests during autograph sessions is not allowed.

Only those with an autograph ticket may go up to the autograph table.

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If you are accompanying a fan, but do not have an autograph ticket, you must wait in another area until the process is finished, unless you are with a minor or assisting someone with special needs, then you may wait on the other side of the autograph area. If you have trouble standing let us know, if you are in a wheelchair or scooter please go with your row or by your number. Celebrities have the right to refuse to sign items that are deemed inappropriate. Just ask! As you are representing all of us, kindly make your question a good well-thought-out one and perhaps something the guests have not been asked before.

If you are in the question line, stand all the way to the side, as to not block the view of others. If you need assistance, please let us know! All scannable tickets are checked and we can only allow the first one that goes through. After that, tickets with the same sku will come up as previously scanned.

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Stargate Atlantis Secrets Stargate Atlantis Legacy Book 5 Stargate Atlantis Legacy

Aiden Ford of Stargate: Atlantis Rainbow has a table in the Vendors room from Friday to Sunday, meeting fans and offering his autograph directly for a nominal fee. Streeter Room, Lower Level. Rainbow is also doing photo ops on Saturday and Sunday! Erick is also doing photo ops on Saturday and Sunday! Peter is also doing photo ops on Saturday and Sunday!

Jamil is also doing photo ops on Saturday and Sunday! Gary is also doing photo ops on Saturday and Sunday! If you have autographs, please get this photo op done first, then go to the Theatre. Carmen is also doing photo ops on Saturday and Sunday! David is also doing photo ops on Saturday and Sunday! Join us for our last ever cabaret! Content may not be suitable for children.

Come sing, watch, or raise a few with fellow fans and Creation staff. You never know who might show up and it is a great way to mix and mingle! Here is your chance to show off your creative abilities by dressing as any character or making up your own. If you are in the Costume Contest, you may go first. Dan and Peter are also doing photo ops on Sunday!

Division Room, Lower Level. Dan is also doing photo ops on Sunday! Peter is also doing photo ops on Sunday! David is also doing photo ops on Sunday!

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Gary is also doing photo ops on Sunday! Carmen is also doing photo ops on Sunday! Jamil is also doing photo ops on Sunday! She unfolded her chair and sat down, propping her feet up on the low stonework of the edge of the pier. Jack moved his chair around a little more, fussing with it, then sat down and adjusted his baseball cap, looking out at the calm sea.

Sam shrugged as he baited his line neatly and cast. Fishing, Jack. She cast her line with a smug look, watching it plop satisfactorily into the water next to his. The end of his pole bobbed, then a tentacle rose from the surface of the water, exactly the same shade as the fishing line. Osprey was one of them, nine in all.

The Lost (Stargate Atlantis, #17) by Jo Graham

Nine Queens and ninety-nine men, blades and clevermen alike, for that is how people were made. That is how we were born in the ice of the first world, beneath the light of the moon. To each queen were given certain gifts, no two alike, for no two lineages are the same. We all count our names from them, from the First Mothers, and each tells its own story.

She is queen of mists and shadows, strong in mind, weaving illusions to hide and deceive. She is a white flower, a white bird, a fog rising among the trees. She is the shadow of clouds trailing across the moon. And there is no illusion they cannot penetrate. Yet they are impossible to read if they do not wish it. He nodded slowly.

There was no sense in trying to keep his thoughts from her, not so close with her attention focused upon him. And yet he was not surprised. But it may be Osprey as well as any other. It is part of being a queen. To some extent lesser or greater, all queens remember.

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They share in some part in the memories of their foremothers, experience and knowledge the legacy of the blood they bear. For most it is a small thing, dreams and hazy memories without context. Some great queens claim to remember details, to recall with clarity things that happened to their foremothers. She claims to recall all that Coldamber knew, that Death in her time who led the first assault of the Great Armada. You killed her, Death who fed on Emege, who drank the blood of the children of Athos.

He felt the flicker of her mind, and showed her Coldamber as he remembered her, when he was a blade scarce fledged, young and uncertain, expecting to die in the next assault, fodder for the weapons of the Ancients to screen the real attack. One look from Coldamber and he had gone to his knees, his face against the deck she walked upon.