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Combines a feminist approach with close textual analysis.

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A critical study of the great later novels. A collection of essays which offer an overview of feminist critiques of Hardy and his treatment of gender. Social and political background to Hardy and his times, showing how modern interpretations on film and television create new contexts in which to read the works afresh.

Critical studies of sexuality and gender issues in the major novels. A study of the importance of geography and physical topography in the stories, poems, and novels.

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Often dubbed anti-feminist, this study attempts to exonerate Hardy of this view. A chronological study of the major novels. Thomas Hardy: Distance and Desire — J.

Hardy and Victorian Censorship

A critical study of the interrelation of the literary themes of distance and desire woven throughout the novels and poems. This is the fully updated version of the definitive biography. Kindle version of an early feminist study of the major fiction. Student Companion to Thomas Hardy — Rosemarie. Morgan, Greenwood Press, Shifts of scale can expose forms to unsuspected forces that obtain only at certain sizes, or which vary greatly between them, causing destabilizing or disruptive outcomes.

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To attain knowledge is to achieve integrity and stature at the expense of finding oneself the butt of the great cosmic joke. It can make no final accommodation, in the realist tradition, to O O the culture it purports to describe or to the audience it addresses. The commercial success of works by H. Wells, among others, occasioned fierce disputes over the merits of romance, as well as its cultural implications. Were I in a mood to disparage the modern Realists whereas I have tried to show that their books are, in substance, about as good as pos- sible, granting the genre , I might say that they not only use the micro- scope, and ply experiments, but ply them, too often, in corpore vili.

Yet I have instituted inquiries to correct tricks of memory, N IB RO and have striven against temptations to exaggerate, in order to preserve O for my own satisfaction a fairly true record of a vanishing life. The two are brought together when Viviette discovers that Swithin has appro- FO R priated a large, isolated tower on her estate to record his observations of T R the stars.

The ancient tower under the night sky becomes a richly symbolic O O setting for conjuring romantic associations, and as the strangers become N NC secretly acquainted there, tropes of chivalry and courtly love are trans- posed into the pursuit of cosmic wonders and the scientific conquest of U strange worlds. In the pres- ence of the immensities that his young mind had, as it were, brought down from above to hers, they became unconsciously equal.

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D TE However, exposing the novel to the size of the cosmos introduces scale effects. While such extreme proportions serve to minimize differences R EC between the protagonists, they also threaten to overwhelm the significance FO R of the everyday actions and events that convey narrative significance, ren- T R dering the plot irrelevant. We encounter this problem early on when O O Swithin, educating Viviette in the basics of astronomy, attempts to relate N NC to her the scale of the universe.

That size faintly approaches the size of the stellar universe. So am I not right in saying that those minds who exert their imaginative powers to bury them- selves in the depths of that universe merely strain their faculties to gain a new horror?

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Such monsters are the voids and waste places of the sky. It makes me feel that it is not worth while to live. It quite annihilates me! Yours is celestial; mine lamentably human! And the less must give way to the greater. By imagining favor- able conditions for higher existences on other planets, he might have conceived the form of utopian scientific romance that was taking shape at almost the very moment that he, having allegedly scandalized the public, stopped writing novels. Nowhere is this more evident than in A Pair of Blue Eyes , in the famous scene in which a geologist named Henry Knight finds himself dangling from a cliff over the sea, clinging on for dear life.

From this precarious position he chances to see a fossilized trilobite embedded in the rock: Separated by millions of years in their lives, Knight and this underling seemed to have met in their death. He saw himself at one extrem- O ity of the years, face to face with the beginning and all the intermediate TR P centuries simultaneously.

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