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From the Arctic to the Equator, anti-submarine aircraft of the US Navy patrolled both sides of the stormy Atlantic alongside their Allied counterparts. They escorted merchant convoys through the submarine-infested waters, protecting the crucial lifeline from the United States to Great Britain and the Mediterranean that carried troops and supplies for the ultimate liberation of North Africa and Europe.

The PBY Catalina, in which most of these vital missions were flown, was the most successful flying boat ever designed. Car Seats.

Consolidated PBY Catalina

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224th Review US Navy PBY Catalina Units of The Atlantic War – Ragnar J. Ragnarsson

Pets Care. Trusted Sellers: Mobile. Trusted Seller: Laptop. Doll - Teddy Bear. Game Video. Music, art. Vehicle category. Savoia-Marchetti S. He Volksjager Units Robert Forsyth. Dornier Do 24 Units Peter de Jong. Typhoon Wings of 2nd Taf Chris Thomas. Review quote "The author has compiled an excellent reference on these units as well as coast guard squadrons that operated from the North Atlantic bases after the Navy pulled out of those missions in There are quality period photos as well as a goodly number of fine profiles to get the creative juices flowing for modelers.

US Navy PBY Catalina Units of the Atlantic War by Ragnar Ragnarsson

In all, a superb book on a part of WWII that gets very little press. A book I can justifiably recommend to you. The combat history of the PBY Catalina in every theater of the war is more interesting than one would consider. The PBY books revealed information that I had not considered about the valuable contribution these planes made toward defeating Germany and Japan.

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About Ragnar J. Ragnarsson Ragnar J. Ragnarsson was born in the USA, but has lived most his life in Iceland. He began flight training at the age of 17 and two years later earned his Commercial Pilot's Licence.

US Navy PBY Catalina Units of the Atlantic War (Combat Aircraft)

Ragnar has spent many years researching wartime maritime aviation in the Atlantic and has written articles for both the Icelandic and foreign specialist aviation press, as well as contributing to a number of books on the subject. The author lives in Reykjavik, Iceland. Rating details.