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In another country, thousands of miles from Rwanda, Goldhagen explores the concept of "overkill" with one of Guatemala's leading forensic pathologists.

Those interviewed demonstrate that many cases of excessive violence are readily discoverable among the remains of the country's genocide victims. Their examinations expose the harsh reality of how hatred is channeled to inflict offensive and often lethal wounds against even the most helpless of victims, including children and pregnant women.

While in Bosnia and attending the annual commemoration of the Srebrenica genocide which took place in and resulted in the slaughter of more than Project MUSE promotes the creation and dissemination of essential humanities and social science resources through collaboration with libraries, publishers, and scholars worldwide. Forged from a partnership between a university press and a library, Project MUSE is a trusted part of the academic and scholarly community it serves.

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This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website. Without cookies your experience may not be seamless. Institutional Login. Hence the mocking joyfulness of much mass murder. The language we use is crucial, says Goldhagen, who equates linguistic accuracy with moral rectitude. He wants to banish the euphemism "ethnic cleansing", as well as the most "infamous euphemism" of all, the "final solution". Worse Than War is overlong and repetitive, and, having explained in great depth the overwhelming nature of the problem, it is perhaps inevitable that Goldhagen's solutions seem inadequate.

He directs much of his ire at the United Nations, which he accuses of neglect, inaction and "total cynicism", because it is fundamentally corrupt and undemocratic. The establishment of a democratic alternative to the United Nations sounds fine in principle though perhaps it places too much faith in democracy , but it is hard to envisage how it would come into being.

Worse Than War: Genocide, Eliminationism and the Ongoing Assault on Humanity

And even if Goldhagen's United Democratic Nations imposed a total economic embargo on eliminationist regimes, countries outside the UDN would happily continue to trade. Goldhagen also has one significant blind spot. Undoubtedly, Israel is the target of eliminationist antisemitism, but it is disingenuous of him not to mention its treatment of the Palestinian Arabs.

Nevertheless, given his extensive knowledge of Nazi history, Goldhagen's statement that "Political Islam resembles Nazism in its murderousness" deserves cautious consideration.

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The purpose of defining eliminationism is the inherent weakness of the term genocide, which only allows for action where mass slaughter has already occurred. However, as Goldhagen argues, extermination is usually seen as one and the most extreme option of getting rid of an unwanted people group seen as a threat, and in any case of extermination many of the other methods of eliminationism will also be present and probably used first.

Ex: Boarding schools for Native Americans, Re-education centers for Uighurs in China 2 Repression: systematically limiting the power of the target group through political disenfranchisement, ghettos, slavery, segregation, or other legal means. Ex: German s laws against Jews, Jim Crow, voter registration restrictions 3 Expulsion: removing the undesired group through deportation, forced removal, forced marches, concentration camps. Ex: The Armenians in , Japanese in California in WWII 4 Preventing reproduction: forced sterilization, anti-misegynation laws, or systematic rape so that there will be no future for the group.

In his book Worse Than War: Genocide, Eliminationism, and the Ongoing Assault on Humanity , Goldhagen argues that eliminationism is the root cause of every mass murder perpetrated in the 20th and 21st centuries, including: [2]. American journalist David Neiwert argued in that eliminationist rhetoric is becoming increasingly mainstream within the American right wing , fueled in large part by the extremist discourse found on conservative blogs and talk radio , which may provoke a resurgence of lone wolf terrorism.

Worse than War: Genocide, Eliminationism, and the Ongoing Assault on Humanity

American professor of law Phyllis E. Bernard argues that interventions in Rwanda and Nigeria , which adapted American dispute prevention and resolution methods to African media and dispute resolution traditions, may provide a better fit and forum for the U. Theodore N. Kaufman self-published Germany Must Perish!